We offer facials only for Women's

Treat yourself to the sensation of today’s best scrubs and exfoliants.


Herbal Facial – $39 for 45 min

Includes cleansing milk ideal for deep cleansing & removing make-up, properties of lemon lifts impurities from skin.Turmeric works as an antiseptic,maintaining moisture level and preserves elasticity.

Neem Facial – $45 for 45 min

This facial includes neem and other precious plant extracts blended together to provide nourishment for dull,oily & dehydrated skin

Honey Facial – $55 for 60 min

A Luxury cream enriched with precious natural honey extracts providing nourishment for dull & dry skin

Fruit Facial – $59 for 60 min

This facial includes powder scrub enriched with papaya enzymes and papaya seeds help to peel off epidermal cells which helps reducing pores. suitable for all skins.

Acne Facial – $60 for 60-70 min

Acne facial treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction & mask application.

Diamond Facial – $65 for 60-70 min

Diamond facial purifies brightness and polishes skin. its help building skin immunity and fight against dust particles while leaving glow.

Ayurvedic Facial – $65 for 60-70 min

This includes natural mud from shahnaz specially reinforced with revitalized botanical extract. this highly effective formulation purifies tightens and tones the skin.

Anti Aging Facial – $69 for 60-70 min

This natural rich anti- wrinkle nourishing cream pre-mature of skin. regular use helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles and prevents elasticity of skin.

Facial Treatment Pricing Duration
Moisturising Facial $35 45 Min
Herbal Facial $39 45 Min
Neem Facial $45 45 Min
Honey Facial $55 60 Min
Body Scrub/Facial $59 60 Min
Fruit Facial $59 60-70 Min
Silver Facial $59 60-70 Min
Acne Facial $60 60 Min
Pearl Facial $65 60-70 Min
Gold Facial $65 60-70 Min
Diamond Facial $65 60-70 Min
Ayurvedic/skin tightening $65 60-70 Min
Anti-Aging Facial $69 60-70 Min
Depigmentation $69 60-70 Min
Anti-Tanning $69 60-70 Min