We offer all waxing services only for women’s 

   Do’s & Don’ts

  • To do good waxing hair needs to be 1/2 inches long.
  • Do take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your wax if you are sensitive or have a low pain tolerance. Especially when you are getting Brazilian done.
  • Do avoid sex or friction for 24 hours after your appointment. If this is not an option, using a lubricant can help create a barrier and extra sensitivity is made more comfortable.
  • Do schedule your appointments every 4-6 weeks. Hair grows in multiple cycles and staying in this time frame will give best results with less pain.
  • Don’t apply any creams, lotions, etc to the area being waxed the day of your appointment.
  • Don’t sunbathe or tan for 24 hours before or after your appointment.
  • Don’t pick at ingrown hairs. The best solution is prevention. Use a buffing cloth or exfoliating glove in small circular motions while in the shower daily.
  • If ingrown hairs are a problem, we suggest purchasing PFB which is a roll on salicylic based gel.
  • Don’t shave between appointments. Shaving will mess up appointment timing allowing the root to grow strong and makes waxing more painful.
Waxing Services Pricing
Eyebrow Wax $15
Upper Lip $10
Lower Lips $8
Face Side $18
Forehead $8
Chin $8
Neck $10
Full Face with Eyebrow Wax $45
Full Face without Eyebrow Wax $40
Brazilian Wax $40
Bikini Wax $35
Full Arms $40
Half Arms $30
Full Legs $60
Half Legs $40
Under Arms $20
Stomach $20-30
Full Back $35 & up
Full Front $30 and Up
Buttocks Patch or Lower Back $20